PerfectQue Your Bridge to Human Capital in Europe

PerfectQue specializes in building Offshore teams in Europe that enable companies to deliver on customer promise. Whether its Customer Experience, Back Office Operations or a Software Development team that your organization requires, PerfectQue has the experience, resources and offshore setup in Europe to help you build your team that is fully integrated into your people, process, and products.

What Do Customers Want?
  • Companies that Understand Customer Needs
  • Provide Value that is better than the Competition
  • Deliver Services on Multiple Channels
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Organizational Challenges
  • Increasing Labor Costs
  • High Demand for Skilled Workforce
  • Acceleration in Operational Costs
  • Demand from Customers to Deliver Quality and Service at a Competitive Price
Delivery Models that Fit Your Business Needs

This model is more suitable for organizations in the Technology space where the system, technologies and deliverables require an organization to be in total control. PerfectQue recruits dedicated resources such as Software Engineers, Data Scientists and other skilled resources based on the job description you share.

  • Dedicated Resources Hired for your Organization
  • PerfectQue handles Hiring, Payroll, Contracts, IT Infrastructure
  • Transparency in Resource Costs
  • Fixed Management Fee with No Hidden Cost

This model is more suitable for organizations who want to rely on PerfectQue for all the tasks such as Hiring, Training, Quality Assurance, Payroll etc.

  • A specific task or Business Function is assigned to PerfectQue
  • PerfectQue manages all aspects of the Project
  • Hiring, Training, Payroll, Delivery of Service
  • Resources are integrated with Clients Systems, Processes, and Procedures
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Build Your Team in Europe

Consumers expect Brands to be human…. Whether its joy, anger, happiness or frustration – we need to feel what the consumer feels in order to humanize every customer interaction.

  • Customer Experience Services in English/French
  • Similarity of Cultures and No Issue of Accents
  • Pricing Competitive with India and Philippines
  • Referenceable Canadian clients

PerfectQue simplifies the outsourcing process and works with start-up companies as well as established brands like Pizza Pizza, Swiss Chalet, East Side Mario’s, and Pizza 73. We offer Services in both English and French from our office in Europe and handle client interactions with Perfection.

Challenges to meet financial and operational goals and deliver value to customers are forcing organizations to think globally and deliver services 24/7/365. Whether it’s an individual task or tasks performed by the whole department PerfectQue has the skills and the team to support your organizational goals.

  • Your Choice of Delivery Model (Traditional vs Team)
  • 24/7/365 Multi-Channel
  • Customer Support in English/French

Build your European Software Development Team

  • Software Development and Other technical resources Hired specifically for You
  • Off-Shore Team fully integrated into your People, Processes, and Products
  • PerfectQue handles Hiring, Payroll, Contracts, IT Infrastructure
  • Transparency in Resource Costs
  • Fixed Management Fee with No Hidden Cost
Why PerfectQue?
  • Management Team Based in Toronto
  • Knowledge of Canadian Business Practices and Communication Protocols
  • Ability to work hand in hand with Local teams
  • 100% Ownership of European Location – No Middle Person
  • Dedicated HR and Talent Acquisition resources
  • University Graduates with degrees in Software Engineering, Automation, and Business.
  • Working with Canadian Clients in English/French from last Four Years
  • Guaranteed Quantitative and Qualitative Savings with PerfectQue
  • Helping Organizations achieve Financial and Operational Goals
  • A professional approach to project Kick-Off, Launch, and Go-Live
  • Clear Communication built on Trust and Alignment of Organizational Goals
Achieving Organization Goals with PerfectQue
  • Scaling Customer Experience, Back Office Operations and Software Development Teams
  • Reducing Operational Costs while delivering Customer Experience
  • Creating Off-Shore teams fully integrated with local teams.
  • 50-60% Reduction in Costs without sacrificing Quality
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